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Multiple Sectors Supplied​

MTech Ltd. is a Tier 2 Automotive high precision CNC Machining automotive parts supplier with satisfied customers in automotive and other manufacturing sectors including aerospace, automated door systems and hydro components.

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MTech can accommodate CNC Machining for limited, short- and long-term low-volumeor mass production runs with swift turnaround times. MTech can meet Customer Specific Requirements for product validation.


MTech has the machinery, testing equipment and the resources to manage and execute CNC machining of prototype projects throughout the entire product life cycle with significantly shorter lead times.


Our in-house capabilities, skilled and dedicated staff and our competent supplier base collaborate to design and or create tooling for successful prototype and production launch.


MTech can perform various assembly/sub-assembly processes for different parts at different process stages to meet customer requirements. Assemblies can be customized to match the exact needs of the customer.

Multiple Sectors Supplied​

MTech Ltd is a tier 2 automotive parts supplier that also focuses on the aerospace and machine building sectors. Specialized in the production of transmission, seating, suspension and hydro assembly components.

Strategic Objective

MTech’s key strategic objective is to provide products that consistently meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, with continued emphasis on reliability and repeatability while eliminating waste and improving our process

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What Clients Say About Our Company

"At MTech, I was treated with phenomenal customer service. Everything I was looking for I found, and it exceeded my expectations. I recommend friends and family to this establishment."

Barathvanan Sivanathan

“MTech’s products exceed our expectation. The staff are very knowledgeable and their customer service is what propels me to keep on going back''


Rogith Vadivelu